[Video] Interview With Tokyo-Based Music Producer TeddyLoid

Within the Japanese electronic music scene, there are few more fabled than the legendary TeddyLoid. For those living outside of Japan, chances are you know him for his exceptional work on his smash-hit tracks “Fly Away” of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt fame, and “ME!ME!ME!”, his second major international breakthrough track. Each of these tracks, amongst his expansive catalog of other incredible singles, have earned the producer an undeniable cult-like following on a global scale. Ranking within the top 10 most streamed Japanese artists of all-time on Spotify internationally, as well as being the genius behind numerous large-scale anime songs, we had the enormous opportunity to get to know TeddyLoid a little better. 

In our introductory video, TeddyLoid tells us a bit about his beginnings and uprising as a producer, as well as the chain of events that got him where he is. In his first ever large-scale English-language interview, we aim to introduce a side of TeddyLoid perhaps previously unknown to our viewers. With numerous international shows under his belt, as well as what we’re sure will be numerous more to come, let’s talk all things music and anime.

If you’re interested in checking out TeddyLoid’s extensive catalog of music, it’s worth checking out his official YouTube channel here, as well as taking a look at his always-active Twitter account, here.