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Was That New Simpsons Parody of ‘Pokémon Go’ Really Necessary?

Earlier this week, Fox began streaming a teaser trailer for the recently aired ‘Looking for Mr. Goodbart’ episode of The Simpsons. The teaser, which is largely being panned by online communities, portrays a somewhat late parody of Niantic’s 2016 Pokémon Go’ smartphone title. The clip which runs for just over a minute, includes a vocal gag cover of the original English dubbed Pokémon theme song. It comes across as, well, one of the most out of place topical-gags in the history of The Simpsons. Released almost a year after it would have been truly fitting, there’s a lot of room to wonder why they even bothered to push it this far into the game’s lifecycle.

Originally released in mid-2016, Pokémon Go dominated charts and broke records upon release; claiming the title of ‘most first-week downloads’ in the history of the App Store. It’s popularity wasn’t all positive however, with the largely unexpected player-base resulting in the in-game servers being down for almost the entire first week of release. The augmented reality title invited players on an enticing adventure to capture all 151 Pokémon within the games real world confines.

The Pokémon Go trend died down largely a few months after it’s release, with recent reports suggesting that four out of five users have stopped playing the game altogether. That being said, as it stands Pokémon Go is still performing quite well in the grand scheme of things — though maybe not enough to justify a new parody within The Simpsons. We’ve gone ahead and attached the clip uploaded to Fox’s official YouTube channel below:

What are your thoughts on the video? Do you think it was introduced too late into the games life, or do you still appreciate the gag for what it is? If you’re interested in checking out the full episode, it’s available for streaming via Fox Now, here.

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