Omocat Park Harajuku Spring 2017

PARK Harajuku Is Now Stocking OMOCAT’s Spring 2017 Collection

Announced today via PARK Harajuku’s official social media channels, the Harajuku-based fashion store will officially be stocking and selling the Spring 2017 collection of OMOCAT clothing. Each piece follows a similar trend, featuring an adorable simple illustration style accompanied by a flat canvas. It’s been stated by OMOCAT that the whole collection was done using a trackpad while simply hanging out with friends, which is likely where all the positive vibes came from. The whole collection is gorgeous from start to finish, and with the growing prevalence of OMOCAT as a fashion brand here in Japan, it’s exciting to see residents of Tokyo being able to pick up the look. With the official Summer 2017 collection just four days away in the US, one can only hope it finds its way to Japan before things get too cold.

PARK Harajuku have been a staple part of Harajuku for the better part of the last five years. They’re the melting pot between internet-culture, anime-culture and fashion-culture, and are one of my favorite stores in all of Tokyo to pick up new clothing from. Everything that is made available at PARK Harajuku represents a real aspect of the districts ever-evolving culture, and that’s part of what makes it so special. Originally started with the goal of making independent sellers clothing commercially available at a physical storefront rather than just an online store, PARK has rapidly evolved, and now finds itself as a main-fixture on Harajuku’s world-renowned Takashita Street within the 2.5D SPINNS building. The store even has it’s own manga series published through Crunchyroll, with their own anime on the way.

On the flip-side however, OMOCAT is a California-based artist who rapidly rose to prominence both IRL and URL for their vibrantly illustrated clothing collections, alongside their instant sell-out appearances at conventions across the United States. With their clothing made available in both the US and Japan, they’ve rapidly been expanding and continue to find their footing in new places. With their Summer 2017 collection set to make it’s debut just a day before Anime Expo 2017, we can’t wait to see what goodies they have in stock for the Los Angeles convention. OMOCAT has been stocked at PARK Harajuku for as long as I remember, and it’s always a treat to take friends there and see their reactions when they see OMOCAT pieces on display.

If you’re interested in checking out more from OMOCAT, they can be found on Twitter, here. Similarly, PARK Harajuku can also be found online via their official Twitter account, here.

Lachlan Johnston

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