New Eromanga Sensei Merchandise Released via Animate

I’ve got a little secret about this season’s anime line-up; I’m completely, whole-heartedly in love with Tsukasa Fushimi’s Eromanga Sensei. As someone who was a big fan of his previous works, including the 2010 animated smash-hit Oreimo, I’ve got a lot of hype surrounding into the show. With the first episode premiering last Saturday here in Japan, I got my long-awaited first taste of what the show would be all about, and I was far from disappointed. It took a lot of the best aspects of Oreimo and fine-tuned them to near-perfection. It’s as a result of this that I’m keeping a pretty keen-eye on merchandise, and today Animate revealed and released their latest lineup.

The ‘Eromanga Sensei Spring 2017 Limited-Edition Goods Set’ is five-item collection of merchandise ranging from B2 tapestries to microfibre towels. It’s a genuinely adorable collection, with each item adorned with the series’ heroine Sagiri Uzumi, often alongside older brother Masamune Izumi. It’s currently priced online at 5,556 yen ($55 USD) and was made available April 13 in Japan. Full information on the collection can be found below:

Eromanga Sensei

Name: Eromanga Sensei Spring 2017 Limited-Edition Goods Set
5,556 Yen
· B2 Tapestry
· Microfiber Sports Towel
· Acrylic Key Chain
· Reversible Illustration Card
· Special Tote Bag (Dengeki Bunko Spring Festival 2017 version)
* Some of the set items are scheduled for general sale at a later date.
· KADOKAWA ASCII · Media Works

With orders now available via Animate’s official website, you’ll want to get in quickly to pick this collection up. Originally released in December 2013 through ASCII Media Work’s own Dengeki Bunko imprint, the series received an animated adaptation that begun airing April 9, 2017. The series is currently being produced by Aniplex and is being crafted by A-1 Pictures. In similar fashion to Oreimo, the series is a romantic comedy following the life of an older brother and younger sister who find themselves getting into all sorts of otaku-esque mishaps.

Available for streaming through Crunchyroll, a synopsis for the series can be found below:

The story centers around high school student Masamune Izumi who loves writing light novels. Having no artistic skill himself, Masamune always got his novels illustrated by an anonymous partner using the pen name “Eromanga Sensei”, who is known for drawing questionably perverted images despite being extremely reliable. In addition to balancing his passion and school, Masamune is also stuck with taking care of his only family member—his younger sister Sagiri Izumi. A hikikomori by nature, Sagiri shut herself in her room for over a year and constantly bosses Masamune around despite his attempts to get her to leave her room. However, when Masamune inadvertently discovers that his anonymous partner had been Sagiri all along, their sibling relationship quickly leaps to new levels of excitement, especially when a beautiful, female, best-selling shōjo manga author enters the fray.

If you’re looking at picking up the collection, it’s available for purchase online here. Further information on the animated series can be found via it’s official website, here.

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