New Nintendo 2DS XL

Nintendo’s Latest ‘New 2DS XL’ System Is the Companies Best Looking Console to Date

I’m gonna come right out and say it — the recently announced Nintendo New 2DS XL system is Nintendo’s best looking device to date. I thought I was sold on the Switch, I really did, but there’s something about the color palette and trim to these devices that has me in awe. In what was likely a bid to show Nintendo’s commitment to the DS lineup of consoles following the launch of the Switch, it was today announced that the 2DS console would be getting some major touchups. This of course included my favorite change of them all, the total visual redesign.

At launch the console will be available in two color combinations — a striking blue and black mix or an orange on white variant. The consoles will be paired with similarly colored buttons and a gorgeous upper display. It’s set to release on July 28 which aligns perfectly with the release of Hey Pikmin and Miitopia for the console. It’ll be priced at $150 in North America, and will feature an 82% larger screen than the previous 2DS. Nintendo have released a reveal trailer for the portable console which can be viewed below:

As someone who already owns a Nintendo 3DS, I’m definitely not the target audience for the console. But there’s a few questions raised as to, well, who that audience is. When the original Nintendo 2DS was announced, a major selling point for it was it’s sturdy single-frame build and cheaper price point, making it ideal for younger audiences. The New 2DS XL however features that same dual-frame design that was standardized with the 3DS, raising questions about whether parents are likely to consider this a viable option for their children.

For those of you who are fans of gorgeous designs and cheaper prices however, and don’t already own a New 3DS console, this could be just the right choice for you. If you’re interested in finding out further details about the upcoming console, you can check out the official webpage, here.

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