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Welcome to the Neon District: YUC’e

You’re tuning into OTAQUEST, and this, is ‘Welcome to the Neon District’. With North America’s biggest anime convention just around the corner, we’re going to be introducing you to the headline acts that will be taking over the Anime Expo 2017 main stage during the conventions all-new premiere event, Neon District. Coming from a diverse roster of musical backgrounds, the 2017 lineup consists of several veterans of the international musical scenes, all of whom are absolute masters of their craft. But before you see them live, it’s tremendously important you know the basics about them; so without further ado, let’s get started:​

As a musician, YUC’e stands for an incredibly diverse new sound that’s been emerging from Tokyo’s ever-growing underground music scene as of late. Gone are the days where big-name labels had to be involved, ushering in a wave of youth who legitimately just enjoy making the sounds they do as a form of self-expression. Excelling in composition, arrangement, production and mixing, you’ll often find YUC’e taking over the clubs of Japan with her infectiously adorable sounds. Beginning her musical career in 2015, we’ve been able to watch the astounding growth of an artist, and Neon District is only the start of her international success.

In her earlier years, YUC’e studied internationally in the United States, and now she’s making her way back once more. Chances are you may know her for her 2016 breakthrough track ‘Future Candy’, which even to this day remains an essential listen. With an entire catalog of releases behind her, as well as a whole list of live experience, we absolutely can’t wait to see YUC’e perform live at Neon District!

We had the unique opportunity to sit down with YUC’e herself ahead of her performance at Neon District, where we discussed her history as a cover artist, followed by eventually becoming a producer, as well as what we can expect to see from her performance at the event. The interview can be found in full below:

As an artist you began your career online creating vocal covers of well known anime songs. Just a few short years later you would go on to create an entire career for yourself surrounding your original production and vocals. Can you tell us a little bit about this journey?

I enjoy expressing myself using my voice, which was originally what got me into doing vocal covers. I love anime, so it of course made sense for me to sing anime songs. (Laughs) That being said, I felt like I could do something more to express myself, which is when I launched myself into the world of doujin music. I began working as a lyricist, vocalist and producer on my own tracks, but throughout the whole process, I’ve always felt that “I’m creating this for the purpose of expression”. I feel like it’s because of this belief that I’m as active as I am now. 

This isn’t the first time you’ve made your way over to the US this year; from your last trip, did you learn anything that you plan to apply to your live performance at this years Neon District? 

It really feels like a miracle to be able to visit the United States twice in the same year, truly. I’m super happy about it; during my last performance it was my first international live, and I was really nervous because of it. But in the United States I came to realize that I need to have more fun with my songs. I would like to have fun musically alongside everyone else at Neon District!

Your major breakthrough track was undeniably Future Candy, which still to this day has been on constant repeat in my head. That track also received a lot of domestic attention here in Japan, especially from artists such as Kors K and the doujin scene. Can you tell us a little bit about what made that song so distinct?

Future Candy was actually my first time creating a club-style future bass track. For a track with club-sounds in mind, I was able to get it done pretty quickly. In the past my songs were made to be a little more serene, as well as filled with vocal tracks. But because I wanted to make more fun music that could be played at club events, this is where I found myself! Having so many people listen to this song, as well as so many people dancing along, it makes me really happy! 

You’re an individual who is constantly evolving as a creative, with absolutely no signs of slowing down. You’ve conquered the domestic doujin market, and have even broken through internationally as a musician, but what do you think the next big step is for you? 

In the doujin music scene, especially at events like Comiket and M3, there’s this somewhat legendary section called “the wall”. It pretty much consists of all the greatest doujin musicians. I hope to some day find myself a part of the wall. I want to do my best to be properly arranged as an artist, and I want to be able to do more and more live events not just in Japan, but internationally as well!

Finally, Is there anything you want to say to your fans in the US ahead of your performance at Anime Expo’s Neon District?

Let’s all have fun together! I’m seriously excited, and I just can’t wait for the big night! Let’s all do our best! 

If you’re interested in being a part of what could be one of Los Angeles’ most historic music events, be sure to check out the official website for Neon Districthere. If you’re interested in checking out our other Anime Expo write-ups, be sure to check out our full archive made available here.

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