Madoka Magica

Can We Talk About How Good Madoka and Crew Look in This New Collaboration?

It’s kinda absolutely insane when you think about it, but it’s already been six years since the airing of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime? You couldn’t really tell that however, walking outside — even prior to the release of the recent Magica Record game, everywhere you’d look was Madoka. As testament to this genuinely insane level of popularity and staying power, Japanese convenience store chain Lawson have teamed up with Aniplex to release some brand-new, limited time merchandise. But you can pretty much forget about the details there, what matters is how good Madoka and everyone looks in this collaboration. Seriously, Madoka and her crew are completely decked-out in a cute-beyond-belief, eye-catching Springtime wear collection:

Madoka Magica x Lawson 2
A set of clear file folders each featuring various members of the cast (1200 yen)
Madoka Magica x Lawson 3
This giant sticker for mobile game ‘Magia Record’ is included with the clear file set!
Madoka Magica x Lawson 4
Collectible character portraits – Madoka and Kyubey, Homura, Sayaka
Madoka Magica x Lawson 5
Collectible character portraits – Mami, Kyoko, Group Shot (300 yen each for normal size, 500 yen each for large size)


Madoka Magica x Lawson 6
Chocolate cream biscuits – each box contains a random signboard featuring one of the characters, as seen below! (600 yen each)

Madoka Magica x Lawson 7

Madoka Magica x Lawson 8

I’m completely, wholeheartedly, unconditionally in love with this collaboration. Take those trademark colors – add some frills, ribbons and blooming buds – and wham; I really hope you don’t have a pollen allergy, because these looks could quite literally kill. It’s undoubtedly a trend among Madoka Magica related goods to depart from the darker subject matter of the show itself, but this is something else. The looks are exclusively available during a campaign that’s running at all Lawson stores across Japan from April 25, until each store runs out of their stock. You can also use Lawson‘s Loppi-Web online service to order most of the goods, without ever having to step foot inside the store.