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Here’s Our First Look at the “My Hero Academia” Main Antagonist

One of our most enjoyed animated series of the Spring season has been without a doubt the smash-hit second season of My Hero Academia. It’s a series filled with twists and turns which completely flips the traditional conventions of it’s genre upside down. There’s really not much else that compares to it at the moment, and I’ve been all ears in-between episodes looking out for updates. So when it was today detailed on the official website for the My Hero Academia series just what we’d be up against as the series antagonist, we were wide-eyed and attentive.

This season has been absolutely filled with tear-jerking action, and whilst it hasn’t been all laughs for everyone, we’re still yet to see any real antagonist development. Scattered throughout episodes we’re served an occasional dose of teasers as to what’s to come, but we’re still largely left on our toes in anticipation. It would appear that wait is over however, as we’re finally given our first look at what to expect, starting with the upcoming episode on June 10:

If you tuned into the final episode of the first season, you might have noticed a briefly screened character in the last few seconds of the post-credits scene. Whilst we are yet to see him appear again, it would appear this is our antagonist of the season, Chizome Akaguro; perhaps better known as ‘Hero Killer Stain’. His character is set to be voiced by Go Inoue, and will become a mainstay for most of the series moving forward.

Whilst not much else was detailed, we’ll be able to find out even more information about Hero Killer Stain following the upcoming episode on June 10. If you’re still yet to check out the adventure that is My Hero Academia, it’s currently being streamed with English subtitles on both Crunchyroll and Hulu. It’s also available on FunimationNow for those looking to get their English dubbed animation fix.

Edit: Updated to reflect an error stating the amount of episodes remaining during the second season of the series.

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  1. The season is actually 25 episodes long, so it has 15 episodes left, not two. And the arc that is close to concluding is the Sports Festival Arc, not the Field Training Arc. That is the next arc, which will be adapted as part of the second cour. Hope that helps.

    1. Hey Darcy, thanks for pointing that out!
      That was a total error on my end, and I appreciate the correction. The article has been updated to reflect these changes.

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