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report.// fhána – Looking for the World Atlas Tour 2017

I’ve expressed it before and I’ll express it again, anime music is getting really good. It feels like there’s a fresh wave of talent paving their own paths in new and exciting ways. One of those talents in particular is fhána, a four-piece outfit that you’ve undeniably stumbled across at some point in your life. Perhaps best known for their recent ‘Rhaspody of Blue Sky’, the opening song to last seasons surprise-hit anime ‘Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid’, the band continues to innovate and excite with each new release. There wasn’t an arcade in Tokyo that I could go to without hearing the stimulating theme, and I absolutely loved every moment of it. So when the opportunity to attend the final-leg of their ‘Looking for the World Atlas Tour’ at Zepp Diver City came up, there was no way I was going to let it pass.

Taking place on May 12, 2017, the event was to be the conclusion to the bands nation-wide tour taking them from Hokkaido all the way to Fukuoka and back for a total of five live shows. It was obvious before even entering the venue that this was going to be a packed show, with lines wrapping all the way around the corner of the venue. This was unsurprising however, given just how popular the band has gotten as of late, with ‘Rhaspody of Blue Sky’ raking in over 8.6 million views. That’s no small feat for any band. The air in the hall was dynamic, with fans curiously awaiting the bands on-stage appearance. Speculation all around, with concertgoers pondering just how the band planned to open their performance. That’s when the lights dimmed, as the entire crowd around me burst out in excitement.

Enter band member kevin mitsunaga; each step he takes onto stage rings, as the entire audience is fixated on his very presence. The vibrant chatter ceased, replaced with an eery silence questioning what was to come next. Without hesitation he stood behind his midi controller setup, setting off a chain reaction for what would be an incredible night. Much to everyones surprise, the band opted to not open with their most successful song, ‘Rhaspody of Blue Sky’, instead choosing to start with a powerful solo electronic performance from kevin mitsunaga. It was this sporadicalness that would go onto define the night, and would also be what would set them apart from every other live performance.

The night was unlike any other, with each member of fhána maintaining a powerful onstage presence throughout the entire performance. The band flawlessly blended emotionally powerful interludes with energy-driven performances to create an exciting night for everyone involved. I’ve never seen a more dedicated crowd, crying for an encore not just once or twice, but a total of three times. Tears were shed and laughter was had, especially in the final moments of the performance where lead vocalist towana expressed her gratitude to everyone that helped them get to where they are now.

Towards the end of the night, fhána would go on to announce their third studio album, as well as their latest music video for ‘Relief’ from their second album ‘What a Wonderful World Line’. The concert as a whole was a powerful experience, and the bands dedication to their passion was prevalent throughout the whole performance. If you get the chance to check out the band live, I absolutely recommend you take the opportunity. I’ve gone ahead and embedded their latest music video below, so take the time to check it out:

If you’re interested in checking out more information on fhána, be sure to check out their official Facebook page, here.

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