Dragon Quest Z! Collaboration

There’s Now “Dragon Quest” Slime Eye Drops. Because Why Not.

There’s a lot of weird collaborations that go on over here in Japan, and contrary to popular belief, there’s also a lot of normal ones too. Leaning more towards the former this time however, we get our first look at the joint project between Japanese eye drop brand Z! Pro and popular video game series Dragon Quest. I can’t say I’ve ever personally had to use eye drops, but I’m sure for those of you who do, you like them to remind you of your favorite video game series… right?

Perhaps one of the most recognizable characters in the Dragon Quest universe, the “Slime” has appeared in every mainline entry into the video game franchise. Slime has always been instantly distinguishable, characterized by it’s signature blue body and wide, goofy smile. A low-level character designed to commonly appear throughout the game, it’s guaranteed that if you’ve ever picked up the series you’ve encountered one during your journeys.

Dragon Quest Eye Drops

Tugging right at the strings of my childhood nostalgia, I absolutely love this concept. To give some background to the whole collaboration, Dragon Quest is currently celebrating it’s 30th anniversary. So of course, who else would a video game series choose to collaborate with other than one of Japan’s largest eye drop brands. If you’re not familiar with Rohto, the company that creates the Z! Pro series of eye drops, you may have even seen some of their North American products in places like CVS and Walmart. That being said, I’m absolutely certain you won’t be seeing these in said North American stores any time soon.

These are set to be releasing in Japan come May 27, and will feature a redesigned casing for the eye drops in the form of a Slime’s body. The adorable blue friend will be coming in at around $5 USD, as the product presents itself as a quirky alternative to traditional eye drops. The packaging on the inside will also feature a major throwback to the original games UI, further driving home the uniqueness of this product. Available at most pharmacies across Japan, you can find out further information via the official website.

Lachlan Johnston

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